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I could not be more happy with my choice. To start with, their customer service is above and beyond all expectations, and being in the customer service industry myself, I have pretty high expectations. When the installers arrived
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Laura Williams
I had a great experience with Anatolia. Eric the sales person was excellent and my new granite countertops were installed less than a week later after signing the sales agreement. Could not be happier with the product and price.
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Deanna Skuza
This is the best kept secret. Got my granite in two weeks. Beautiful work and correctly measure! Onur the owner, is a professional and comes from a family in the business. My black granite looks great in my kitchen with the wooden cabinets
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Nicholas Meshew
I had a great experience with Anatolia. Eric the sales person was excellent and my new granite countertops were installed less than a week later after signing the sales agreement. Could not be happier with the product and price.
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David Hawkins

Choose the Perfect Countertop for Your Space near Hurstbourne, KY

Hurstbourne, a home rule-class city nestled in Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States, holds a rich history intertwined with the growth of both the state and the nation. The name comes from ‘hurst’ meaning trees and ‘bourne’ meaning boundary. It’s a place rich in history, showing how Kentucky and the nation have grown over time.

When it comes to picking the perfect countertop, Anatolia granite is a top choice near Hurstbourne. Crafted with care and skill, these countertops are strong and look great.  With their cool patterns and tough build, Anatolia granite countertops make any home look amazing.

Explore  the Ultimate Blend of Beauty and Durability of Quartz Countertops 

Quartz countertops blend beauty with durability for a winning choice. Made from one of the hardest minerals on Earth, quartz countertops are highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Their non-porous surface makes them resistant to bacteria and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for bathroom vanity and kitchen countertops near Hurstbourne.

Anatolia Granite’s quartz countertops near Hurstbourne, KY, are available in a diverse array of colors and patterns, seamlessly complementing any style or design aesthetic. With minimal maintenance demands, these countertops promise enduring beauty and functionality, enhancing the appeal of any living space.

Discover the Enduring Charm of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops exude timeless elegance and strength. Formed deep within the Earth’s crust, granite is known for its unique veining patterns and rich colors, making each slab truly one-of-a-kind. Renowned for its durability and heat resistance, granite countertops can withstand the rigors of daily use in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Additionally, our granite countertops are resistant to scratches and stains, providing peace of mind for homeowners. With proper sealing and maintenance, our exquisite collection of granite countertops near Hurstbourne, KY, can retain their luster and beauty for years to come. Add value and sophistication to your home with Anatolia Granite. 

Choose Marble Countertops for Timeless Elegance and Lasting Quality

Marble countertops embody luxurious sophistication and classic charm. Quarried from mountains around the world, marble is revered for its timeless beauty and elegance. With its smooth, cool surface and distinctive veining, Anatolia Granite’s marble countertops add a touch of opulence to any space. 

While the marble countertop near Hurstbourne, KY, is softer and more porous than granite or quartz, it withstands heat and provides a durable surface for daily use. Choose from our stunning collection of marble available in a variety of colors, patterns, and types. Despite its susceptibility to etching and staining, many homeowners appreciate the patina that develops over time, adding character and uniqueness to their countertops.

Choose Quartzite Countertops for a Wise Investment 

Anatolia Granit’s Quartzite countertops offer a compelling blend of strength and natural beauty. Formed from sandstone subjected to intense heat and pressure, quartzite is incredibly hard and durable, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens. With its stunning array of colors and intricate patterns, quartzite countertops near Hurstbourne, KY, can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. 

Unlike quartz, which is engineered, quartzite is a natural stone, imbuing each slab with its distinct character and charm. Its unparalleled strength and beauty make it a sought-after option for discerning homeowners.

Discover Anatolia Granite’s Sink Collection and Elevate Your Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

At Anatolia Granite, our Signature Sink collection is meticulously crafted for your kitchen and bathroom. Made with premium materials, our sinks combine durability with sophistication, adding timeless elegance to your home. Explore our range of rectangle kitchen sinks for modern appeal, or choose from our premium stainless steel options for enduring luxury. Our vanity bowls seamlessly blend into any bathroom design, from minimalist to ornate, creating striking focal points. Experience the perfect fusion of artistry and functionality with Anatolia Granite’s sinks near Hurstbourne.

Elevate Your Countertop Project with a Complimentary In-Home Design Consultation

Revamp your countertop project with our complimentary in-home design consultation. Benefit from personalized advice tailored to your needs as our expert manager visits your home to discuss customizing your countertops and sinks, all at no cost to you. Count on our seamless installation process to seamlessly integrate your dream countertops and sinks into your home. Let Anatolia Granite transform your vision into reality.